A Social Experiment: No Makeup Mondays

hairI came up with this idea as I was putting makeup on, and it was a Monday.

I was at home, sick, but I was going to school to pick up my sister. I contemplated wearing makeup and decided to do so, my rationale being that my eyes were puffy from sleep. But I omitted most of the usual products for a very, very simple look.

Makeup, as I have realized, is both a camouflage and an enhancer. Not everyone wears it, and for all sorts of different reasons. Some don’t have time, some think they look fine without it. Continue reading

The Lunchroom

2 heads

She walks into the lunchroom, feet following the rhythm of those of the three girls who walk in by her side. Veering through the mess of chairs and tables, this quartet makes their way to their favorite lunch line, with their favorite lunch lady.

“Ew, there’s water on this plate!” wails one of her friends.

“Oh my god, that’s gross…” agrees another.

She picks a wet plate up with two fingers acting as tongs, her nose wrinkled distastefully.

“This fork is bent!” Disgust has crept into her voice.  Continue reading

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide


I don’t know why we think it’s worthwhile to deal with every one of our problems. Why do we always have to call it running away?

Are we superheroes? Can we emerge victorious after every struggle with the enemy?

Are we rubberbands? Can we snap back in place after being stretched thin?

No, we are humans. We aren’t built to overcome every obstacle that life presents to us, and this I realized the other day. Continue reading

We Live to Eat, We Don’t Eat to Live

cat color

I watch all of my TV shows online, but when I physically turn on my TV, it’s gonna be Food Network or nothing at all.

You see, like many other kids, I grew up on the Food Network, aka I adored Giada, Paula, Bobby, Rachel, and Emeril.

I wondered about cooking shows; how did they film everything? What did they do with the food after it was made picture perfect for a show?

That sort of experience shaped my approach to food and still resonates with the way I eat and cook today. Continue reading

The Last Forever: Goodbye, HIMYM

It’s finally time.
9 years in the making, and it’s finally time. And it’s something we don’t-no, can’t- accept.
But How I Met Your Mother is ending. And with it our journey with the lovable 5 ends. We won’t get to have those precious 30 minutes with our mutual best friends, the people we know better than ourselves, the people we suddenly lose contact with.
It’s bittersweet: We’ve left behind people like Zach and Cody, Walter White, and Michael Scott, but we’ve gotten used to it. But never have we left an entire group, who would wait for us every Monday to let us catch up with them.

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Kate Carroll: The True Cost of Being Prom Queen


Prom: an uninspiring weekend where you play make-believe as royalty. You’re pretending that you are something with a $600 dress you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll wear again, until someone vomits on you.

Time, energy, and focus are wasted on an overhyped event that ends in disappointment, disaster or mediocrity. Some of us aren’t even the worst offenders. I was in utter dismay when earlier this month I was added to a group for a different school on Facebook for “PROM DRESSES 2014.” Are you kidding me? The purpose of the group was to avoid any repeat dress offenses. Not only was their drama petty, I just couldn’t believe that it started in March, more than two months before the actual event.

“Promposals” make me cringe. You’re a teen, stop pretending that it’s a wedding. Enough with the white dresses, gross couple-y pictures and open PDA. None of those things are exclusive to prom. Just looking around the halls, holding my spitfire tongue from saying “Stop touching” is a major struggle.

I did attend and help plan Prom 2013. It was a waste of my time and energy. I woke up the day after Prom 2013 and headed to my debate banquet, wishing that instead of awkwardly shuffling my shoulders back and forth on the dance floor, I would have gotten a few more hours of shuteye. Student Council does a great job of encouraging students to attend. The dance is well run, I just didn’t particularly enjoy it. Beyond that, I hated the idea of not being able to participate in something unless you’ve been asked “as a date”.

My major problem with prom is more centered around socioeconomic discrimination. It isn’t cheap. Dresses run about $200-$300, plus flowers, makeup, hair, shoes, dinner, limo, the ticket itself, and after parties. On the guy’s side, tux rental, shoes, tie, flowers, dinner, ticket. In a chauvinistic sense they’re expected to buy dinner/tickets, but ladies, you should be self-sufficient and chip in half especially if you’re not dating. Either way, a lot of money for not a lot of fun. Given the choice between prom and putting more money in a college fund, I know a fair amount of people who forgo the former when graduation, and the first semester college bill is right around the corner. The cost is a social pressure to participate, and the sad part is that there’s not a good way for the school to help assist with that. If you can’t personally afford it, you’re out of luck.

I’m calling for a reevaluation, think about the pressures that are put on others as a result of your excessive spending. A reasonable night of fun with friends and dancing? Sounds great. A night of excess, exorbitant costs and irresponsible behavior? Not so much.

- Kate

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…and the ED kids just sat back and observed the carnage.

This is Purity Ring.

This is Purity Ring.

These last few days, I’ve checked Facebook and Twitter and seen vague references to college decisions. Everyone’s receiving life-changing news these days; everyone’s having to make life-changing choices.

SAT scores, scholarship results, debate camp decisions, and that’s just the beginning.

Behind every Facebook profile there is a young adult frantically making decisions, trying to keep up with the pace of life. Continue reading

The Power of the Remix


I know what it feels like, to cringe as an artist completely butchers a perfectly intact song, or a music producer bizarrely remixes a song with great potential. I typically respond by emitting an audible groan, abandoning hope.

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My Debate Career Is Over

cat 2

I started debate in 8th grade, but my mom was actually the one who pushed me to join. I wanted to quit before freshman year but I was convinced by one of my friends to stay a little longer; ironically, she quit before her sophomore year, but I’m still here.

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