No Longer Hidden Behind a Bedroom Door: Reflecting on #CarryThatWeight

This Kid I Know: Colin

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Colin is one of my best friends. I have always been confused as to why this is, since we have very few mutual friends. I know that if you read this and you know both of us, you’ll be confused, because we don’t have much in common.

But I don’t have to justify our friendship to ANYONE! Continue reading

You Thought You Knew Who Your Friends Would Be


You had it all planned out. You had met people just like you online, and they were so nice. You were so compatible. But they don’t look like their profile picture one bit and you don’t like each other’s statuses. Problem?

You had friends going in, people that you knew before they changed, and before you changed upon arriving. The issue is that you both changed, but not in the same way. Continue reading

No Makeup Mondays: An Evolution


published originally on the NU Chronicle

As I set my alarm for Monday morning late on a Sunday night, I decided on 8AM, before remembering, oh wait, tomorrow is Monday! No makeup, which means I get to sleep an extra fifteen minutes. I won’t look as good, but haha, whatever. 

On Monday morning, I woke up and looked at my face. It really didn’t look that bad at all; I only started to feel the familiar discomfort and inadequacy as I walked past people on my way to class who looked much more put together and awake than I, with my under-eye bags (they’re designer), oily skin, and adolescent complexion. Continue reading

The Inner Monologue of a College Student in a Lecture


Where should I sit? Aisle seat? Nah, middle of the row is the way to go.

I should have brought popcorn; I don’t really take notes in this class anyways. I remember I used to have a teacher who gave lectures as if he were telling stories. True, the stories were freaking awesome, but I never remembered what I needed to know for the exam.  Continue reading

Read This Blog: 40 Dates & 40 Nights

Things That Happened Yesterday

The Immediate Transition From Debater to Judge

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Just months ago I stood behind a debate stand, timer in hand, ready to speak at hyper-speed.

Having been involved with policy debate for the entire four years of high school, it is bizarre to not have debated in months and to know that I will likely never debate again. I decided to stop debating, but to remain in the activity as a judge for high school tournaments.

The immediate changes are bizarre. No more camp? To not know the topic, to not speak with other debaters in debate jargon, to miss your high school team but to know that you have to move on eventually, because that part of your life is simply behind you?

That was me during the summer, suffering a mild emotional breakdown now and then. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!


This website has come a long way. I’m grateful for every bit of encouragement as well as criticism I’ve received, as it has made me a better writer and person.

I didn’t see myself keeping this up for more than a few months, but at this point in my life, I have no intentions to stop. Still going strong!  Continue reading