11 Things to Do the Summer Before You Leave For College


1. Read classic books, and watch classic movies. Become cultured.

2. Let go of petty high school things. Make up with people you fought with, people you isolated, and start college off without something clawing at your past.

3. Clean up your social media. Delete anything that might endanger your opportunities for work opportunities, friend opportunities, etc… Continue reading

English is My Favorite Subject

cat magic

In 9th grade, English was all about hammering down the basics of essays. We learned how to construct a thesis and communicate an argument in five paragraphs.

In 10th grade, it was about perfecting the structures of the papers that we wrote. It was incorporating quotes appropriately and eliminating “to-be” verbs.

In 11th grade, we learned how to take the analysis that we had originally done for these papers and present effective examples to bolster our arguments.

In 12th grade, it was wrapping up everything that we’d learned thus far and communicate our points not only effectively, but efficiently. It meant writing over the word limit and cutting fluff so we could present fleshed-out arguments in as few words as possible, while preserving its essence.

In a school in which discussions govern the class structure, my evolving personality inside and out of the classroom showcased my progress as a student of English. My initial contributions were quiet, uncertain statements, but I’m ending high school with the ability to take a stance on positions that I can defend with confidence. Continue reading

Never forget where you come from.


When I was a toddler, my pre-school had a total of six, large classrooms as well as one massive playground where the kids gathered and milled around for about an hour, everyday.

We bounced tennis balls against the wall and called it “wall-ball” but when I went back there as a teenager, the classrooms looked run-down and shabby, and I couldn’t believe that I could reach the monkey bars without lifting my feet off the ground.

Since I’d left, my pre-school had stayed the same and I had grown up in more ways than one. Continue reading

I was in a car accident, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again


I’ve started collaborating with Lauren over at Afro Girl Talks, and here is the first post I wrote for her site.

Read the original here:

Car crashes aren’t always as dramatic as they seem, as the movies have taught us to believe. There’s not always a screeching of tires, the shattering of glass, your life flashing before your eyes.

Sometimes, you can be driving casually along a street, and a car can just veer off course, into your own, and almost in slow motion, the only thing going through your mind as you realize this is happening is:

“What. The. Actual. Hell.” Continue reading

A Social Experiment: No Makeup Mondays

hairI came up with this idea as I was putting makeup on, and it was a Monday.

I was at home, sick, but I was going to school to pick up my sister. I contemplated wearing makeup and decided to do so, my rationale being that my eyes were puffy from sleep. But I omitted most of the usual products for a very, very simple look.

Makeup, as I have realized, is both a camouflage and an enhancer. Not everyone wears it, and for all sorts of different reasons. Some don’t have time, some think they look fine without it. Continue reading

The Lunchroom

2 heads

She walks into the lunchroom, feet following the rhythm of those of the three girls who walk in by her side. Veering through the mess of chairs and tables, this quartet makes their way to their favorite lunch line, with their favorite lunch lady.

“Ew, there’s water on this plate!” wails one of her friends.

“Oh my god, that’s gross…” agrees another.

She picks a wet plate up with two fingers acting as tongs, her nose wrinkled distastefully.

“This fork is bent!” Disgust has crept into her voice.  Continue reading

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide


I don’t know why we think it’s worthwhile to deal with every one of our problems. Why do we always have to call it running away?

Are we superheroes? Can we emerge victorious after every struggle with the enemy?

Are we rubberbands? Can we snap back in place after being stretched thin?

No, we are humans. We aren’t built to overcome every obstacle that life presents to us, and this I realized the other day. Continue reading

We Live to Eat, We Don’t Eat to Live

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I watch all of my TV shows online, but when I physically turn on my TV, it’s gonna be Food Network or nothing at all.

You see, like many other kids, I grew up on the Food Network, aka I adored Giada, Paula, Bobby, Rachel, and Emeril.

I wondered about cooking shows; how did they film everything? What did they do with the food after it was made picture perfect for a show?

That sort of experience shaped my approach to food and still resonates with the way I eat and cook today. Continue reading

The Last Forever: Goodbye, HIMYM

It’s finally time.
9 years in the making, and it’s finally time. And it’s something we don’t-no, can’t- accept.
But How I Met Your Mother is ending. And with it our journey with the lovable 5 ends. We won’t get to have those precious 30 minutes with our mutual best friends, the people we know better than ourselves, the people we suddenly lose contact with.
It’s bittersweet: We’ve left behind people like Zach and Cody, Walter White, and Michael Scott, but we’ve gotten used to it. But never have we left an entire group, who would wait for us every Monday to let us catch up with them.

Continue reading