Guest Post: Life Goes On

Going into college application season in the winter of 2013, I had my heart set on two places: Georgetown and the University of Chicago. I had visited Georgetown in the spring of my junior year, and loved everything about the place. One particularly vivid memory that stays with me to this day, involves the handwritten sign in the window of a dorm room: “Welcome to the best place on earth.”

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Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

——- says a very thought-provoking quote on tumblr one evening ——-

I believe in second chances, I promise. But I also believe that people are naturally selfish and that few of them actually deserve second chances.

I just don’t know how to calculate who does and who doesn’t. I just know that it’s a lost cause searching for happiness if you lost it at the hands of another person. Continue reading

Never Stationary’s Mission Statement

With no concrete theme (an intentional decision), Never Stationary is the culmination of my writing efforts. At 18 years old, my life is looking a lot like me when I have a lot of papers spread out on a tiny table in a coffee shop. Cluttered, with lots of coffee stains and I can’t find my pen!

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On Finals Week.

Freshman Focus: 6 Times I Was Proven Wrong About the “College Experience” In the First Quarter

This article was originally published in the print version of the Northwestern Chronicle!

Before I came to college, my expectations were molded by what my friends told me, what I saw on social media, and what I learned from watching girly movies. I heard stories of late-night pizza and ramen, saw pictures of lavish formals, and learned that sororities were selective and exclusionary.

I also thought that this first quarter was representative of the other eleven or so quarters that would follow, when in reality I may have been duped by the expectations formed in these past few weeks. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Break Thoughts Part 1: Routine, Card Games, and the Old Days

A few months ago, my parents and I were discussing flight schedules; I was adamant about just staying on campus over the two-day break my university had allotted the students.

Those two days don’t justify spending a small fortune for the plane ticket home! I’ll be back home two weeks after Thanksgiving for my Winter break anyways! Other people will definitely be staying on campus for the break too, so I won’t be alone! Continue reading

Spread Out Too Thin.

“I Dare You To Relax”: Another Bath-time Playlist

The One Super Mundane Change in My Routine that Helped Relieve My Stress

If you read this blog, then you may know that I am not very passionate about math and science. I’ve never found much joy in thinking in numbers rather than ideas and concepts.

Recently I made a very small switch in my life that has so far, made a large difference in the way that I calculate and value my time, as well as my usage and dependence on technology.  Continue reading

I’m a Writer, and I’m Proud.

There’s no shame in calling yourself a writer. There’s a difference between that and identifying as a writer, and I also don’t think there’s anything with the latter.

If you don’t call yourself one, how will you ever become one? You have to embody that mindset and personality and then develop a habit.  Continue reading