4 Fundamental Truths About Writing

writing shit

The internet is a classic double-edged sword.

It can be a writer’s best friend, but also his or her mortal enemy. Our saving grace can also be our greatest downfall. I know!

How can a forum that offers up dictionaries, thesauruses, and great literary work ever inhibit your own?

The truth is revealed: the internet stifles individual thought, making you believe that the ability to tell a fantastic story or write a compelling article is somewhere out there, not in here. gestures to self

You’ll go to a webpage before you ever put a pen to paper, your original thoughts tainted as soon as you click on the first link.

What should it be? A mere consultant that you approach after you’ve written your first draft.

Fundamental truth #4: Depending on how and when you use it, the internet can be your friend or your foe.

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A Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self

My friend Colin showed me this letter that Frank Ocean wrote to himself-five-years-ago:

frankThought it was pretty cool, so I decided to try it. I’m no Chris Breaux though…

Hey Cat,

You won’t believe the direction your life goes! You made it through junior high and high school, and now you’re off to college. Your friends today will not be your friends for long…you’ll abandon some, some will abandon you, and it will be painful, but it will make you the person you are five years from now. Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Curtis

photo (1)

Isn’t this about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Looks are deceiving. I love driving up next to people who see an innocent-looking Asian girl, only to be disproved by my rolling down the window and unleashing hell in the form of sizzurpin’ trap music (I didn’t use that word correctly).

Similarly, one of the toughest looking guys out there is an emotional sweetie (in the most macho way possible).

Curtis and I met last year at debate camp (what’s new), though we barely talked. We didn’t really become friends until our mutual friend Greg helped me to convince him that I had gone to jail for starting a fight, and that I had a mad potato tattoo on my stomach.  Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Vicky


She’s the model, I’m just an amateur…<Zoo Atlanta 2014>

Don’t forget, peeps, I only write these for people who have requested them. If you were being sarcastic…sucks.

Vicky isn’t just some kid I know. She is the best kid I know. She has been with me the entirety of her existence. I love being her big sister, and this Thought Catalog article knows exactly what’s going on.

If you didn’t know, I’m 18, a college freshman, and my sister, a high school sophomore, is turning 16 today.

She’s always been super sporty her whole life, playing tennis, lacrosse, running track and cross-country, and dancing ballet, while I’ve been pretty sedentary my whole life.

But, like me, she’s always enjoyed reading, and I remember that we would spend whole days when we were young just sitting on a couch, reading our books in silence.  Continue reading

Another Amazing Idea of (Not) Mine: Read 10% of a Book Everyday

Another amazing idea of (not) mine! I discovered this on the internet and tried it out briefly, and I want to share it with you all.

This Thought Catalog article by Sam Thomas Davies advised simply:

Read 10% of a book everyday.

This is a very good idea. Think about how productive you might become!

Says Davies,

…if you’re an artist, an entrepreneur or any kind of a creative for that matter, you’ll understand how important reading is as a daily habit. Reading is learning and if you’re not learning, you’re not improving in your craft.

Books are awesome, and even though I had tons of free time this summer, reading still hasn’t come very easily back to me. This rule slowly eases me back into the cycle. Continue reading

A Pre-College Reflection: I Am Lonely and Bored


Waiting for college like…

I haven’t started college yet.

I am lonely, and I am bored. It seems as though everyone else has moved on to bigger and better things, and I’m still here, with every recent conversation going like this:

Person: Where are you going to college?

Me: Northwestern.

Person: Awesome! Are you excited? It gets so cold up there!

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How to Write A Music Review While You Take A Shower


I don’t write a lot of music reviews, but mainly because I don’t really listen to full albums. I’m a single song appreciator; that being said, there are a few albums that I love to listen to, from beginning to end, that sound like one super long song.

So if you do want to write a music review, how do you do it?

Take a shower.

But CAT! How?? you ask. I have a method, okay? Listen to me. Continue reading

21st Century Crushes


The 21st century crush will be defined by screenshotted conversations sent to our best friends, catfishing, and a computer screen of security, which might become the only way two individuals feel comfortable communicating.

The inability of text to demonstrate emotion will make the effective communication of sarcasm very difficult, and we will start to rely on emojis and text lingo to bridge that gap lol :P Continue reading