How to Get Away With Murder: The Midseason Finale That Created As Many Questions As It Answered

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Fall 2014: What TV Shows I’m Watching

1) How to Get Away With Murder

ABC’s newest legal drama stars badass professor Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis aka Aibileen, the sweet-as-honey maid from The Help). This show draws you in from the very first episode because the viewer is presented with a beginning – a group of diverse graduate students all vying for respect and success who sign on to work for the successful criminal defense attorney – and an end – the murder of Keating’s husband and a handful of guilty-looking law students covered in blood and evidence.  Continue reading

Family Weekend (11/7-11/9): A Well-Deserved Break

I elaborately planned out this past weekend for when my parents would fly into town to come visit me in my first year of college. We were going to take a tour (led by yours truly) of the campus, watch an a capella concert, and go into downtown to explore Chicago.

We didn’t really do any of that. Continue reading

If Life Were Made Of Monday Afternoons…

It’s a Monday afternoon. I am on my way to the library. I just ate a huge lunch: 3 plates of taste good, feel bad food and 2 cups of coffee to offset the lack of sleep and food in my system.

I am reading my agenda. A midterm lurks around the corner, deadlines for papers and tests flash before my eyes, and the pile of laundry in my hamper stretches so high that it topped over this morning, like a castle wall crumbling in defeat. Continue reading

Time Definitely Heals Some Wounds